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Classic Restoration is a powerful, modern-day retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Set in the American Southwest, the film tells the story of Jose Gonzales and his journey into a lifestyle of empty decadence, and his return, out of heartbreak and despair, to his father's house. 




Classic Restoration” is a creative re-telling of the Prodigal Son. It emotionally engages viewers and draws them into the world of this powerful narrative. The characters are believable and transparent, allowing viewers to relate to them in a modern context. The film medium is a powerful tool for sharing God’s redeeming love, communicating a message of hope to our broken world. This production is sure to convict and reveal the heart of God to those who are at greatest risk.
— Chad Daniel- Creator/Host Youthbytes
In Classic Restoration the parable of The Prodigal Son is brought to life in film in a relatable way so that inmates can identify themselves and their relationships with the characters. The guided questions about the film and scripture progress in a manner that encourages the viewers to dig deeper and interpret the many meanings of the parable. Forgiveness, shame and restoration are impactful issues that are addressed in this study.
— Terry Williams- Deputy Executive Director of City of Faith Prison Ministries

From the production of Classic Restoration