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Focal Point: the point at which all elements or aspects converge;

center of activity or attention

CAMP FOCAL POINT: A summer camp dedicated to training young people on the latest industry standard tools, to

create and produce meaningful films reflecting on their stories and how they intertwine with God's story. 

Camp Motto: Stay Focused!

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IMPACT: forceful contact; collision

IMPACT Productions: Using short films and Bible study guides to encourage small groups meet over several weeks to reflect on God’s Word through moving and impactful presentations and discussions that are relevant and inspirational. Film is a powerful tool for helping individuals relate to a character and the human condition. They can evoke strong emotional responses that can lead to authentic and open conversation and reflection. Each story is based on scripture with a contemporary twist and acts as a springboard for delving into that scripture and others. The study guide encourages viewers to dig deep into scripture through questions and reflections and includes pages for journaling and prayer.  

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Ignite: To set on fire

IGNITE Outreach:  Presentations and discussions empowering youth and adults for godly living while encouraging them to share God’s love in their circle of influence.The RPM Team will visit your community, school, church, or neighborhood to share a message of inspiration, hope and faith. We will engage participants in powerful presentations that will encourage them stand firm in their faith. Feel free to ask us about coming to present to your group in the contact page.