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Camp Focal Point, training our youth to create and produce meaningful films and work reflecting their stories and how they intertwine with God’s story.

Curriculum has been developed to take the students through the creative process from the inception of the idea to scriptwriting and storyboarding, pre-production and production, and editing in post-production. The students will meet with trained professionals in the film industry to learn about each department that works together to create a film (camera, sound, wardrobe, and locations, for example). They will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through educational videos, interviews documentaries, and original shorts. Age-appropriate film clips will be introduced to present  film techniques, character and story development. 

Core Camp Values and Goals

  • A two week summer intensive film camp for youth ages 14-18 

  • Hands-on training in filmmaking with local professionals as mentors, including directing, cinematography, sound design, set decoration, and more

  • An introduction to all job opportunities in the film industry by key department heads and experienced crew

  • The basics of filmmaking from pre-production, production to post-production

  • Film screenings and Q & A sessions with the producer, writer or director of them

  • Character development and team building activities

  • Resume building and job interview skills

  • Opportunities for creative expression through storytelling, screenwriting, acting, art, and photography 

  • PA bootcamp

  • Acting lessons provided by an experienced acting coach

  • Two-day shoot on a short film that has been created and produced by campers and mentors

  • Editing experience with local filmmakers (on AVID software)

  • A red carpet premiere where the short film will be showcased to family and friends 

  • An opportunity to collaborate as part of a team and create a piece of work that can inspire others 

Our campers will always be reminded to:

Stay Focused!!